If you have any support queries regarding the Neuralyzer 3, please send your mail to contact [at] meninblackneuralizer [dot] com.

We will get back to you as soon as possible, normally within 48 hours.

Before contacting support, please review the known issues below to see if your question is answered there.


Known Issues in Version 1.0

Facebook Sharing

  • White screen of death after reaching Facebook login page.  Initially need to log in to your Facebook account in a new window that opens up.  If you do not log in on that page but rather press any other links on the page will be left with a blank page.  If this occurs you will need to shut down the app and re-launch it. You can shut down the app by clicking on the iPhone Home Button twice and then pressing for 2 seconds on the Neuralyzer 3 icon.  Close down the application by pressing the (X) above the icon.
  • Unable to share using Facebook share button.  If you have upgraded to iOS 6 this is an error that can occur but is easily fixed.  iOS 6 now includes integration with Facebook into the operating system itself.  You need to setup your Facebook account details within the Settings menu on your iOS device.  Click settings and then click on the Facebook section.  Enter your username and password and then click Sign In.  Once you have done this you will be able to share the photos via Facebook using the Neuralyzer 3 app.  You will still need to sign in to Facebook the first time you share photos through the app.